Working in the netherlands

start off your dutch career with freek.

are you considering working in the netherlands to boost your professional carreer? freek. assists highly skilled migrants to carefree entrepreneurship.

the netherlands has one of the lowest rates of the eu with 5,6% unemployment. many international and global businesses locate their european offices in the netherlands. no wonder many – non dutch speaking – professionals relocate to the small but ambitious country to take advantage of one of the many attractive job opportunities.

what is a highly skilled migrant?

you can describe a highly skilled migrant as a ‘regular’ migrant worker with a high level of education and specialist knowledge. since the scarcity of highly skilled dutch workers, highly skilled migrants are increasingly popular at dutch and global companies.

becoming a highly skilled migrant

sounds good right? but before jumping into your dutch adventure, there are a few things you need to know. for example: you can only come to the netherlands to work as a highly skilled migrant if your employer is recognised by the immigration and naturalisation service (ind). next to this, as someone from outside the eu, you require one or more permits to work in the netherlands. freek. knows all about the struggles of becoming a knowledge migrant. therefore, he decided to offer some help.

start off your dutch career with freek.

freek. assists knowledge migrants with the paperwork and procedure to start working in netherlands. but not just that. once you start working as a highly skilled migrant, freek. takes care of all the administration and difficult tax requirements. freek. pays your salary within 14 days and makes sure you are insured for unemployment and sickness benefits. you can even automatically contribute towards a (old age) pension if you want to! together with freek., you keep your freedom of being self-employed. at the same time you can fully concentrate on doing the things you enjoy. experience the dutch life! discover the possibilities or get in touch with freek.