Freelancing with ease

Freelancing with freek. ensures that you are able to work for a single client for an extended period of time at an attractive rate and without having to check your administrative work. Submitting your hours each month is easy thanks to the online portal. The money will be transferred to your account within fourteen days, after the client has approved your hours. This means that you no longer have to wait for your client to pay you.

Expats and knowledge migrants

Freelancing via freek. is also well-suited for expats and knowledge migrants. From your initial application to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service to the moment you receive your residence and work permits, freek. supports you throughout the process. Furthermore, freek. can also apply for the 30%-ruling (‘30% regeling’) on your behalf.

freek. offers:

*For invoices over €10,000 excluding VAT, the first payment will be given pre-paid status. This status means that your salary will only be paid out after your client has paid the invoice.
**Based on at least 130 worked/declared hours per month.

Being self-employed, without the headaches for €1,75

Do you have short-term assignments for multiple clients? But do you still want the ease like freek.? Discover the possibilities of Tentoo Freelance. Click here for more information.

Freelancing without worries

When you freelance for freek., Tentoo acts as your employer in both a legal and administrative capacity. You can also immediately accrue pension, if you so wish. If you experience difficulties as a result of illness or lack of work, you can claim benefits. If you have any questions or run into issues, then the freek. service desk is ready to help you each day.

The services freek. provides, make everything easier to understand, save on your costs, and ensure that you can easily continue to freelance in a carefree way.