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You’re a freelancer. You’re your own boss, and that needs a lot of everyday tasks that require good judgement on how you do things. Some of these tips are going to appear as common sense, but they may be the reminder you need to refine your work process. So, let’s get started! The first 5 […]

A smart freelancer knows time management is important. Besides worrying about getting things done on time you worry about other things. This includes worrying about outstanding invoices, getting paid on time and your mum who calls you to ask when you have time for a cup of tea. She is a master manipulator when it […]

Freelancing in The Nederlands? Then it’s useful to speak a little Dutch. The Dutch language has many things in common with English. Many people who speak English are able to learn Dutch relatively fast. But there are some mistakes every Dutch beginner makes. Here are awkard mistakes that Dutch beginners often make. How good are […]

Every freelancer has to deal with it. A phase when there is a slowdown on projects to work on. That sounds bad! If ever you encounter this dry spell in your freelance career, please do not take it negatively. Instead of feeling downhearted, do something worthwhile to improve yourself. See it as an opportunity. I […]

Yes, it is true. Everyone will be self-employed in the future. And there are good reasons for that. Deciding to quit your job and start as a freelancer is something you have to think about. I also took time for that. It is logical, because you are about to give up your security. Even today’s most successful freelancers would […]

Deciding to quit your day job and freelance full-time is scary. It’s a big step you need to take, because you’re about to give up your safety and need to deal with a lot of insecurities. With freek. starting as a freelancer or independent contractor isn’t that scary. The only thing you have to do is finding […]

Public speaking is a super power in the world of B2B, because it’s a tried and tested communications tactic that has worked for years. Something you probably already knew as a freelancer. You and me should use our super power. But how? Since ancient times, people have used words, theatre and great storytelling to pass along […]

5 strategies for you; to get clients Nowadays, online tools have made freelancing easier than ever. Getting clients in the early days of your freelance business can seem daunting, but by employing a few key strategies you can get customers in no time. An organized portfolio Advertise your services Establish an engaging and interactive experience […]

Welcome. Nice to meet you! So, I am freek. and I am a freelancer. My freedom is very important for me, but I do not want to worry of all the administration. And I do not like the headache from clients who are behind with payments. I would like to focus on my assignments. That’s why […]