About freek.

This is freek. and he is a freelancer. freek. enjoys his freedom and hasn’t got the worry of all the administration. No boxes full of receipts, no headache from clients who are behind with payments so freek. can completely focus on finding new assignments.

Do you also want the ease like freek.? He offers you the solution! What would you say to spending all your time looking for and carrying out assignments and furthermore being sure of an income, even if you are sick. Beside quick payments, freek. also offers you the possibility of building up a pension. In case of a setback, the services of freek. offers you the possibility to maintain the right to (unemployment) benefits. freek. has the appropriate options for every freelancer, click here to see the possibilities.

The benefits of freek.

With freek.:

  • You keep your freedom of being self-employed;
  • You are insured for unemployment and sickness benefits;
  • The DBA law (Deregulation Labour Relations Assesment Law) does not apply to you and you don’t have to bother with the model agreements;
  • A legal status and registration with the Chamber of Commerce is not necessary (anymore);
  • No more time-consuming administration must be carried out;
  • You automatically contribute towards a pension;
  • All your administration and contacts are available 24/7 online;
  • You can fully concentrate on doing the things you enjoy: finding and carrying out assignments.

With freek. everything is clear, you save on your outgoings and you always have control. Do you want to find out how freek. works? Please contact us!