This is freek.

& freek. is freelancer

Do you want to enjoy the freedom of an enterprising freelancer? Together with freek. you can be a freelancer without worries. freek. takes care of your invoices and pays your salary. You are insured for unemployment and sickness benefits. No chamber of commerce registration is required. All you have to do is submit the hours worked on your project. freek. takes care of the rest. Discover the possibilities!

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Benefits of freek.

You keep your freedom of being self-employed and carry out your own assignments

No more time-consuming administration or difficult tax requirements for you

You are insured for unemployment and
sickness benefits

A legal status and registration with the Chamber of Commerce is not necessary

All your administration and contacts are 24/7 online available

You can automatically contribute towards a (old age) pension if you want

The DBA law does not apply to you and you don’t have to bother with the model agreements

You can fully concentrate on doing the things you enjoy: finding and carrying out assignments

Being self-employed, without the headaches for €1,75


Not convinced yet? don’t worry. Answer the following 3 questions and you’ll directly know if the services of freek. can help start off a new career.

Do you like searching for your own assignments?
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Do you value your freedom of being self employment?
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Is on-time payments, good insurance and the right to social benefits important to you?
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yes, the services of freek. suit you! Please contact us or see here the possibilities.
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